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Thinking fast for incredible results

Thinking fast for incredible results

A common perception holds that game-changing ideas are built on the passions of one or two individuals. Although in reality, revolutionary thoughts are actually born of great team skills and tactics. Here are some ideas and insights to making the most of your collaborative experiences — courtesy of Post-it® Brand.

  • Get Lean

    Agile/Lean Thinking is all the rage…but what does it really mean to you and your team? In two words: be responsive. Here are some guidelines to keep your process moving while addressing overall needs:

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    Fail fast. Use your early sessions to explore as many ideas as possible. Quickly identify which are contenders, which are pretenders and which could serve as support.

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    Establish a war room to generate ideas as a group. Make it comfortable but also make sure it keeps distractions to a minimum.

    • Establish a war room

    • keep distractions to a minimum




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    Collaborate as an entire team in bursts. Put a time limit on your ideation sessions to give some urgency to arriving at big ideas. Be sure to give yourself some "cool down" time following these sessions.

    Collaborate as an entire team

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    "Iterate to great." Congrats — you have an idea. But what could make it better? What if you served an entirely different audience? How would it change if you had only $1000 to put towards it? Challenge your idea with questions and pivot if necessary to arrive at something truly stunning.

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