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How To: Spinning Pinwheel

How To: Spinning Pinwheel

Does the wind spin a pinwheel? Or is the pinwheel really calling the shots? Make this party-perfect paper pinwheel and find out!

  • Materials:

    2 notes from a Post-it Notes 4 in. x 4 in. size, thumb tack or pin, dowel rod, scissors

  • Estimated Time:

    5 minutes

  • Spinning Pinwheel supplies
  • 1

    Front and Back

    Take two notes and stick them together, so there’s a pattern on each side.

    Front and Back

  • 2

    Crease the Note

    Fold both squares diagonally in each direction, and unfold. Cut along each crease two-thirds of the way into the square’s center.

     Crease it

  • 3

    Pin the Leaves

    Take on half of each point you just made, and bend gently to the center—you want an arc, not a sharp fold. Use the push-pin to hold the leaf points in place.

    Pin the Leaves

  • 4

    Stick the Landing

    Now it’s time for the handle. Poke the pin into the dowel rod.
    Pro tip: soak the dowel tip in water, and the pin won’t make the wood split.

    Stick the Landing

    And there you have it. Now find a gentle breeze, or make your own, and watch your pinwheel spin!

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