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Solutions to teach students homework and study skills

Solutions to teach students homework and study skills

When it comes to understanding how students learn, Dr. Michele Borba has earned a reputation for engaging ideas. Discover some of her thoughts to spark opportunities for your student throughout their academic career.

  • In preparation for the busy back-to-school season, students need to transition their focus from summer fun and recreation to how to conquer and balance test prep, homework time, after school activities and more when school is back in session. Below are five techniques to help students maximize study time, work through homework efficiently and excel in school from their younger years through college.

    1. Get a grip on the workload:

      Write down important directions and map out to-do lists on a Post-it® Dry Erase Surface on top of a desk or on a vertical surface. Instruct students to start with the hardest assignments and work their way towards the easier tasks last. Tasks should be erased or crossed out as they are completed.

    2. Maximize study time:

      Highlighting content with a highlighter is a common technique for studying and can benefited depending on the student’s learning style. Use Post-it® Flags to mark the important information in notebooks and textbooks and write down the most important facts.

    3. Get a “study buddy”:

      Encourage students to find a classmate or friend they can reach out to if they have questions or forget an assignment. They can work with the buddy on group projects, brainstorms and quiz each other to prep for a test using Post-it® Super Sticky Notes with facts as flash cards.

    4. Teach time management:

      To reach academic achievements, students should study and tackle projects in “chunks” or smaller sessions, rather than cramming it in the day or two before. Show students how to use a calendar to plan out their upcoming schedule for test prep, large projects and group assignments, factoring in afterschool sports and extracurricular activities.

    5. Teach brainstorming:

      Show students how to brainstorm and map out assignments to help them get creative and start thinking outside of the box. Try using Post-it® Big Pads or a Post-it® Dry Erase Surface to enhance collaborative efforts, ideation and creative thinking, at home or in the classroom.

  • Michele Borba

    Michele Borba, Ed.D is an internationally renowned educator, TODAY Show contributor and parenting expert recognized for her solution-based strategies to strengthen children's character and reduce peer cruelty. 

    For more about her visit www.micheleborba.com or follow her on twitter @micheleborba.

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