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How To: A Paper Party Hat

How To: A Paper Party Hat

Fact: party hats summon the mystical forces of celebration, funneling their funky essence directly to the gala center of your brain.

  • 1

    Get the Template

    Download the hat template here (PDF), and print it onto your heavy paper (like construction paper). Or trace it with pencil on your heavy paper.

    Download the hat template

  • 2

    Put the Metal to the Paper

    Use scissors to cut out the template. Then use a utility knife for making the slot.

    Put the Metal to the Paper

  • 3

    Like Holding Hands

    Put the tab in the slot. A little tape can keep the tab flat and secure.

    Like Holding Hands

  • 4

    Chin Huggers

    Time for the strap. Using your utility knife, make small crisscross cuts near the wide bottom of the hat, one on each side. Pass your ribbon or string through the holes and knot them on the inside so they won’t slip out.

    • Chin Huggers
  • 5


    Stick on your Post-it® Page Markers on the outside of the hat in whatever style you wish. Create a fringy effect by making a row around the bottom, then another layer above that which overlaps the first. Keep making layers all the way up to the top.

    • Fringify
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