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Making textbooks stand out

Making textbooks stand out

Follow along as Nicholas “The Nerdy Teacher” Provenzano provides ideas and insights to help students be more productive learners all year long.

  • Students have more and more to do every year. With an increased focus on testing, students need to take note of all of the important information covered in class to be prepared on exam day. One of the best ways to tackle these exams is through organization. Below are some quick and easy tips for helping students get organized and take on those exams.

  • Adding information to your books with ease

    Taking notes in your textbook can be a tricky thing as most schools do not let high school students write in the book. There are some great ways to use Post-it® Products to get the most out of a text without damaging the pages.



    1. The labeled Post-it® Flags are an excellent way to note important information in a text for later studying. With the pre-labeling of Study, On Test, and To Do, any student and quickly note important information on a page and come back to it when they are ready to study. This is a great alternative to using a highlighter because it does not change the book. Once a term has been studied or a test taken, these Post-it® Flags can be removed and placed in another area of the book for the next unit.

    2. Post-it® Notes are another great way to add ideas to a textbook without actually altering the book. Sometimes notes needed to be added to a page for clarification. As a student, it might be easier to just add a sentence or two to make sense of the text. A Post-it® Note might be needed to make reference to the notes on a particular day. The Post-it® Notes are great for just jotting down ideas to be referenced later.

    3. Post-it® Page Markers can help keep tabs on the pages that are most important to you. You can just add a Page Marker and come back to it later. The multi-colored Post-it® Page Markers also allow students to color coordinate their notes so they know exactly what they are noting. These can be sorted by terms, examples, project ideas, or anything else that is worth categorizing. You might have already added notes to the page and you want to remember to come back and review.

  • By turning these tips into habits, students will be better prepared for the classroom and any exam that might come their way. Check out the entire line of Post-it® Products and share how you have used them in the comments section below.

  • Nicholas

    Nicholas “The Nerdy Teacher” Provenzano is a Google Certified Teacher who has earned acclaim for using innovative and collaborative techniques within his classroom. Keep up with his ideas at

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