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Great ways to retain information

Great ways to retain information

The brain’s capacity for facts, figures and concepts is finite. So how can you keep need-to-know information front-and-center? Get started with these simple ideas:

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    Pretend to be somebody else. How would you take notes for this person? Would you use different colored pens for different topics? Would you capture ideas neatly on Post-it® Notes? When you get creative with your learning, you’re more likely to remember it.

    Pretend to be somebody else

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    Invite some friends to learn with you. Break up topics and teach them back to each other. Challenge yourself and your friends with practice tests. When people learn together, your memory is more active.

    Invite some friends to learn with you

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    Say it out loud. Mark down important ideas with Post-it® Arrow Flags and then read them aloud to yourself at least twice. When you see and hear information, you’re activating two of the human senses instead of relying on one.

    Say it out loud

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