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Easy Weekend Play Date Ideas for the Little Ones

It’s the weekend- time for another play date! Save time on extensive planning with our quick tips here! Believe it or not, with just a stack of Post-it® notes, these five activities can make up an entire play date session – it’ll be fun, exciting and even educational.

1.The big hunt

Ah, the good ol’ scavenger hunt. This all-time favorite is a great way to help children understand their surroundings better. Write a list of items that they can find around the house on Post-it® notes, and then send the young ones on a race to find these everyday items!

2.Remember more

Give the kids a memory workout with a game of mix-and-match. Pair words with pictures and write them on the super sticky side of different colored Post-it® notes. Arrange the pairs in a grid and let the little ones take turns finding them. Throw in a time limit and watch them cheer each other on in the final seconds.

3.Learn a new language

Kids are curious about everything, so why not open up new worlds for them? Write the names of items around the house in a different language on Post-it® notes and stick them to the corresponding objects. It’s an easy way to introduce them to the names of everyday objects in a new language.

4.Story jumble

“Once upon another time, Snow White and Sinbad took a stroll in the forest…” Wait, that’s not how the story goes. But it could! Reinventing fairy tales is a great way to spark childrens’ imaginations. Draw details from various stories on Post-it® notes, jumble them up and watch the kids give these familiar favorites their own spin!

5.‘What am I?’

Here’s a familiar game that’s sure to bring on the laughs. Gather in a circle and get everyone to write the name of an object on a Post-it® note. Pass it to the person on the right – and no peeking! One at a time, each child sticks the note on their forehead and tries to guess their word under a minute by asking only yes or no questions. “Am I a teapot? Am I a chicken?” Hurry, time’s a-ticking!

Check back each month for new, exciting and creative Post-it® note tips.